Trauma and PTSD

You or your loved one has just experienced a traumatic event. You feel hopeless and have nowhere to turn. Every day, you experience a grueling sense of dread and terror as you struggle to turn off your brain from experiencing recurring intrusive memories. When you go to bed, you are unable to rest because the nightmares continue to plague you. Maybe everything reminds you of that horrific incident, gripping you with a great sense of fear, anger, anguish, shame, and unimaginable grief. Despite your effort to avoid the triggers, you cannot escape the plaguing thoughts, memories, and emotions. You want this nightmare to end. You want to feel safe and secure. You want your life back.

At Mosaic Minds – Psychological Treatment and Assessment Services, we know it can be hard to establish trust and seek help after experiencing such a horrendous and traumatic event. That is why we offer a warm and nurturing environment, so you can feel safe and secure. Our treatment methods are evidence-based and delivered with the utmost care and compassion. Let us help you regain control over your life.

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