Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

It’s 5am. Although work begins at 8am, I know there’s a chance I can be late if I don’t finish each task in order. Careful to get out of bed on the right side, I’m sure the day will go well. Approaching, I count each step, careful to place each foot in a particular way on each stair. I take a deep breath, staring at the shower head. To prevent getting or spreading a disease I rinse exactly four times. Before leaving, I make sure the everything is unplugged and off to avoid any potential damage. I choose my movements carefully: precise and slow. As I go to the car, “wait, did I lock the door? ... did I check the taps, lights, windows, power? … I need to go back. If I don’t, something terrible will happen.” I drive. “Stay on the road…don’t drive off…don’t hit anyone”. Parked. “Am I really capable of these?”. I pick apart the thoughts and urges until I’m stuck adding new rituals to my growing list. Pointless, I know, but it’s so much easier than facing the horrors inside. Why do people think I’m a master at organization and efficiency? OCD is just exhausting.

Does this sound like you? We understand and appreciate just how debilitating OCD can be. While it may present differently for each person, living with OCD is exhausting. At Mosaic Minds – Psychological Treatment and Assessment Services, we will work with you to better understand how OCD impacts your life, and equip you with empirically supported treatments to help you regain control of your life.

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